We envision young people who discover their purpose and act on it...

… we empower them by providing the necessary stimuli and knowledge so they can be optimistic about the future and believe in themselves

We organise bootcamps that unlock your true potential

Entrepreneurship here serves as the enabling medium!


You are called to cooperate with people that you will meet in the program. After several team-bonding exercises, this is where the fun begins. You will need to take the initiative in order to guide your team towards your goal, you will do things that where prior unimaginable and you will have to prove to yourself that everything is possible.


The program is intense and highly demanding, but you are not alone. We along our partners will be there in order to provide you with the proper knowledge. The methodology that we follow is being taught in world leading universities, like MIT. Mentors will play a central role as they will be there for you and your team. The process is simple, you find a problem, you verify it’s existence and then finally you find a solution that can be evolved into a viable business.


Upon completion , you will have a strong team ready to face any challenge and a viable business proposition ready to bootstrap. At the same time, you will have formed a considerable network of people from all over Greece and abroad.  You are ready to get back to the real world, create communities of your own and spread the message. Use the network that you created here in order to grow your startup or achieve your dreams. Get read to meet them!

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Our Values


We constantly improve. By learning new things and opening new doors, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.


Nothing happens by itself. We take the first step and we start even if everything isn’t alright


Paying forward is what we do. We offer our help whenever it is needed but also ask for help in order to improve our community


We take responsibility. The point that we have arrived is the result of our past actions.


Nothing is easy, but is sure as hell possible. We can get disappointed, but we never give up. We continue until we discover the end.

We work day and night in order to achieve our goals. Numbers say it all.

To be honest, it’s quite painful to watch all those nightlife instagram stories 🙅‍♂️ from our friends while pulling all-nighters.

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