Author: Οδυσσέας Λαμτζίδης



The beginning
Everyday we see so many new things that affect our way of thinking and aid us in decision making. Ideas are born which look extremely interesting, at first, but only a small number of them come to fruition.

By observing young people and how they react to challenge, we concluded that the mindset of risk-aversion guides every action. The road to success is unknown and fear is behind every turn.

Deeply concerned by those observations, we took the initiative to start an organisation that promotes the constant self-improvement through an active participation in the community. In the foundation lies our core value, initiative, the ability to act autonomously and persevere without faltering at the first difficulty. Responsibility is a key ingredient as well ,as it reminds us that we, and we alone, shape our future.

We took our quest amongst our friends and colleagues and we found something stunning. Many young students shared our ideas and our view on the matter at hand. We are now certain that we can bootstrap a different mindset through interactive and hands-on experiences. A mindset that focus on impact, that sees challenges as an opportunity for evolution. Evolution that can lead the way to being able to shape our future.

We call you to support us by saying “Just f*cking do it” to every question that holds you back from starting your journey in the world of creativity and innovation.